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Lesson Plan
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I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson the BROKEN HEARTED should be able to:
a. Identify the different REASONS to continue life despite being broken;
b. Reflect on the different advises to surpass the loneliness;
c. value the importance of loving yourself more;
d. create a new life without him/her

II. Subject Matter: Topic: How to Move On References: Past Experiences and advises from persons who overcome breakups
Material: Yourself
Infused Values: Valuing yourself

III. Procedure:
A. Preliminaries: a. Prayer- Every problem will be easy when you pray and share it with GOD.
b. Checking of Attendance – His/Her ABSENCE will help you.
c. Checking of Assignment – think of the duties that he/she didn’t do for you.
d. Review the past Lesson- Think of all his/her treason and reflect from it.
B. Motivation: Close your eyes think of all your fights, jealousy, treason , fraud and faults. Delete all your pictures ,memories , conversations everything that reminds you of him/her.
C. Unlocking of Difficulties: Remove from your vocabulary the ff: words Martyr – You don’t need to be a martyr and Sacrifice yourself Enduring the pain that bring you Sadness and Solitude

Note:(You are just killing yourself WHILE HE/SHE IS HAPPY)

Reflect the FF: Words Love is not always about fighting sometimes it’s about letting go Explore and Discover the world, Focus on Loving yourself, The sun and the moon still shines ,the days and nights will still past without him/her and GOD has better plans for your love life , maybe someone LEFT but there will be someone better that will arrived.TRUST HIM
D. Discussion :
L 1.Listen to your mind rather than your heart
E 2.End all your communications and attachments
T 3.Take time to reflect, Forgive and Forget
G 4.Get busy and live your life
O 5.Once and for all love yourself more
E. Generalization: MOVE ON ACRONYMS Moving on is like being born again Our pain and Vain will Enrich us so that On our next relationship Neither same mistake or feeling will be committed and felt again.

IV. Application There is no shortcuts in Moving on, No one will help you surpass the pain only yourself.

V. Evaluation Evaluate yourself if you are ready to forgive , forget ,let go and move on.

VI.Assignment: LOVE YOURSELF.. 

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